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Cancer: They are soft and caring little precious things. They care about the people they love, and I find that extremely sweet. Leo: They are extremely charismatic people. My best guy friend is a leo, and I can tell you guys he is an extremely social fella, caring and generous to people he cares about, which is a very admirable trait of most leo people. Virgo: They are perfectionists. They want every single detail of their life to be perfect, and they aspire to be the best.

They are hard-workers. Libra: They are extremely artistic individuals. They love art- painting, drawing, singing, dancing, writing, you name it.

It’s #LeoSeason & These Horoscope Memes are About to Make You RAWR!

They usually have an aesthetically pleasing style. Scorpio: They are usually true friends: they can definitely keep a secret, and are generally calm and cool people. Sagittarius: You can never be bored around a sagittarius: they love adventure and will do anything to feel entertained. They are also very blunt and honest people. Capricorn: They are the kind of friend who would drive you home from a party if you drank too much. I feel like you can always count on capricorns: they are loyal, hard-working and honest people. Aquarius: They are one of a kind.

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They are special in their own ways. Their weirdness is what makes people love them so much.

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Pisces: They are dreamy people. They love deeply and love being loved. IMO pisces are extremely precious and adorable people. No need to show off. Welcome to Accelerated English 10, My name is Mr.

F and I cannot see my forehead. Part 2. Taurus: Hey Capricorn, do you have a bag I can borrow?

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Mar 24, Explore gregsmith's board "Funny Virgo memes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Virgo girl, Virgo love and Zodiac. Sep 3, Virgo Memes exclusively made by Virgo Therapy and Follow Enjoy. See more ideas about Virgo memes, Horoscopes and Horoscope.

Taurus: Literally all you had to do was say no. Virgo: I am…the s. Taurus: … Explain? Virgo: The great depression ARIES, virgo, pisces, aquarius, gemini. Log in Sign up. Nonsexual things the signs are horny for Aries: spiciness Taurus: befriending animals Gemini: having their hard work recognized Cancer: genuine human connection Leo: praise for doing the bare minimum Virgo: being sneaky Libra: clout Scorpio: coming home from work Sagittarius: bamboozling people Capricorn: total mental and physical exhaustion Aquarius: ignoring people Pisces: spirituality. Both are pretty cool.

Translation: When you're in the midst of the exhausting chaos that is Mercury Retrograde , it feels as if it'll never end. Rp from bitch. A post shared by astrologystuff on Jul 28, at am PDT. Translation: If you're dating, and you can name every single Sun and Moon sign, you get it. Translation: Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius will always seek to please all sides of themselves.

A post shared by astrologystuff on May 18, at am PDT. Translation: If you're a water sign Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces remaining calm does not come easy. Translation: You are an all-knowing astrology Queen.

In your own mind at least. Forever Queens of their own Delusion leosduringEVERYseason there illsparethe98ofyouwhoweregonnacommentthat likeyouresowitty andimabigturd iseeyou leos alreadyonmydamnnerves cheers!

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Translation: There's no better time for a Leo to proudly be the belle of their own ball than during Leo season. Translation: Geminis will never not stop confusing people with their mixed messages. The th post!

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I wanted to make it. Is it relatable or just my cancer moon? Translation: Taurus are experts at pampering themselves, always. Translation: Basically, no other sign is supportive except for a Virgo. If you ask a them at least. Clicked around for a good twenty minutes cmon now Sagittarius astrologymemes.

Translation: The internet is a Sag's oyster, no matter how shaky the source. Which sign is the worst behaved? Translation: We all know that the fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius can be extra to say the least. Type keyword s to search. CSA Images. View this post on Instagram. For the Capricorn with the old soul. For the Britney Spears fans. Translation: We are all Britney. Britney is us. For predicting your sleep patterns. To show how signs handle crisis. For the dreamy Taurus. For the misunderstood Aquarius.

Translation: Don't mistake Aquarius remoteness for disinterest. For the Sagittarius who always cracks jokes. For the zodiacs you don't want to mess with. If you love Jim Carrey and astrology.