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Nakshatra Tara Chakra

Please read Pariharas and special conditions where Pariharas do not work. Respected sir, I have two doubts on muhurta: 1. How is tithi arrived at for calculating panchaka? Is it taken as it is i. Also which lunar month is to be taken? I seek your valuable advice on the above.

If you read my article carefully I have not made any distinction whether it is Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha. In your example take it as 6th Tithi.

Tarabalam And Chandrabalam

For entering new house, the actual owner in whose name is the title is held should be considered. Also given that the tarabalam calculated will mean new baby will have the same nakshatra as on the day does it matter for future relationship indication?

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Is this even a valid way of looking at tara balam in fact? Where is this relationship problem coming up? As my dad also is an astrologer, he said its naidhan thara.. Mrigashira is a Maha Nakshatra and if either the boy or the girl is born in this, we need not match the horoscope. Go ahead and marry him.

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Do not bother about Tarabala. Can marriage be held on Dec 1st Ashwini Nakshatra when Shukrastha has just started? Can Kumbha Lagna be selected for Muhurtha on Dec 1st? Both are Dhanu rasi born. Marriage is in Bangalore. Please trust your family astrologer. Professional ethics preclude me from commenting on some others judgement.

I want to check one thing. Please help me. My nakshatra is Satabhisham and my beloved one her nakshtra is Bharani. Can I marry her? My family members are saying she will face difficulties due to me. Her family accepted us. Also, I want to request my family again?

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When is the good day as per bharani nakshtra to speak with them or do I need to speak as per my nakshtram? You say you are unable to contact any astrologers right now. How come you are contacting me? I have made it amply clear that this comments column is not for personal problems. This is really a big issue for me. Though its a personal issue, I really hope that you reply to this. My Name is Ganesh and I want to marry the girl whom I love.

Later I gone through the online calculators and found, from her, its Vipat Thara as her nakshatra is Anuradha and Mine is Ashwini. Can you please guide me, what are to be done inorder to have happy married life? Important thing is we understand each other and even when we fight, we get back to eachother within few minutes. Can you please help me out with this issue?

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Interactive site for Astrological matters. Consultation Home. Tarabala and Chandrabala are two important components along with Panchanga Shuddhi which are to be checked before fixing any Mahurtha. The following stanza explains that above components have to be made good by worshiping Lord Narayana before we embark on any new venture.

Daily motion of moon from your Janma Nakshatra decides this strength. As moon transits into different stars it becomes favourable or unfavourable to your birth star. To calculate Tarabala one must calculate position of daily Nakshatra from your Janma Nakshatra both Nakshatra inclusive. Your email address will not be published.

Tara Balam...

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